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Classpass Workouts near The Nate

The Nate is lucky enough to be partnered with Classpass, a monthly fitness membership that provides access to different studios and gyms worldwide.

The Nate is lucky enough to be partnered with Classpass, a monthly fitness membership that provides access to different studios and gyms worldwide. As a resident, you can take up to 5 classes for free during a two-week trial, after that you will receive a discounted monthly rate. The benefits are endless; you can take a variety of workout classes, explore new gyms, and save money while doing it all. Here are some of the nearest Classpass workouts near The Nate.

Tsim Tsa Tsui:

Barre Formula – 3 min walk. The first Barre Studio in Kowloon, Barre Formula offers 60-minute barre, yoga, pilates, and cardio classes. The classes combine ballet and yoga to create a diverse workout, with class options such as: Barre Basics, Barre Active, and Barre Relax.

Feel Fit Factory – 10 min walk. This multi-functional fitness studio offers Muay Thai, Boxing, Functional Fitness, Strength and Conditioning. You can opt to participate in group classes, or give personal training a try.

Samantha Yoga – 5 min walk. This yoga studio offers endless classes, including classes such as: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow Yoga, Detox Flow Yoga, Dharma Wheel Yoga, Yin Yang, Universal Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Power Yoga. For variety, you can also take classes targeting specific goals, such as their Core & Arms class or Relaxing Stretch class.

Peak Performance – 2 min walk. This gym offers group-style boot camp classes at its Optimum Performance Studio in TST. The boot camp class combines TRX, HIIT and weights.

Spade Boxing Gym – 4 min walk. Spade offers boxing training and HIIT classes. No matter your skill level, Spade welcomes beginner to advanced members.

Yoga Actually – 4 min walk. This class offers beginner Aerial Yoga, Mat Yoga, and Hatha Gentle classes. All necessary yoga equipment is provided, don’t forget to bring along your Nate water bottle to stay hydrated!

The Mindfocal – 5 min walk. This yoga studio stands out for its Singing Bowl Relaxation technique. After a 60-minute yoga practice you can stay behind for a 15-minute relaxation period listening to the singing bowls. Yoga options include Hatha, Yin Yang, a Holistic class, and wellness workshops.

Danz Avenue – 8 min walk. This fitness dance studio offers classes for beginners and all level dancers. Their Funky Dance class is popular for promoting cardio, flexibility, and balance. If you are a higher level dancer styles such as hip hop, lyrical jazz and more are offered.

fabYOGA – 8 min walk. This studio offers Hatha, AntiGravity (Aerial Yoga), Wheel and Stretch. They also offer yoga for pregnancy and birthball classes. Their yoga classes are divided into different levels so you can participate no matter your yoga experience or background.

These are only a few of the Classpass offerings all within a 10-minute walk from The Nate. Beyond Tsim Tsa Tsui, a 6-minute MTR ride to Central and any other location on Hong Kong Island expands your gym options immensely! With workout classes so conveniently near, at a discounted Classpass price, and a plethora of gyms and classes to try, you will want to make sure to utilise this feature. Start your two-week free trial now and get started exploring the Hong Kong fitness scene!

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