Stay in & stay safe

Staying in and working from home is becoming the norm for many of us as we adapt the ever-evolving world under COVID-19.
In order to help you pass some time while you stay in at The Nate we've got some recommendations for things to do at The Nate:

Our Studios
Rooftop planting

1. Rooftop planting

We’ll provide the pots and the soil and you bring the seeds. Please speak to our customer service about a pot for you on our rooftop.  You can spend your off-hours cultivating plants and vegetables or grow some herbs for your spaghetti!

2. Your own movie night

Just let our CS team know 2 days in advance and you can set up your own movie night on our in house projector!  Please note that in order to keep not disturb fellow residents movie nights can only begin at 9 pm and no outside visitors at this time.

3. Indoor workouts

Maximus Studio has made some videos exclusive for The Nate residents on how to work out at home. You can check out the videos here

4. Board games

We have Jenga, Scrabble, Catan and mini-bowling game on the shelves for you to choose from. 

5. Work from home 

In our studios, we either have a pull-out table or a fixed table for your Zoom meeting. Also, you can go to our communal area on 12/F to work from Nate as well!

6. Eating in

Be your own master chef at The Nate! We have pots and pans, kettle and toaster! Whip up your meals in our fully-equipped kitchen. The only rule? Just clean up after yourself.


Work from home
Eating in

7. Delivery 

No time to cook? No problem! Our Nate residents can enjoy our exclusive promo code THENATE20 on Deliveroo orders. If you are looking for more health-conscious meals, our residents can input THENATE100 on Nosh to get $100 off the meal plan!

8. Groceries

Don’t worry about lining up at the supermarket to stock up your daily grocery! You can just make your order online and get them to deliver directly to The Nate!

HKTV mall & MarketPlace by Jason

Happy shopping!