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Interview: Jasper Spoon

The Whimsical Parkland is an interactive art installation at The Nate. It is reminiscent of the interactive energy that The Nate brings to the guests.

1) Please tell us a little bit more about The Nate’s art installation. What was your inspiration? 

It’s a mixed and combined idea with the maze in Kowloon park. It’s fun and friendly with living images of families, friends, couples or animals we can see in Kowloon Park and is reminiscent of the interactive energy that The Nate brings to the guests. While making this work and thinking of this theme, I decided to call this installation as “ The Whimsical Parkland “ by the time I finished.

2) How can people interact with the Nate’s art piece? 

Any guest can collect a gold coloured pinball from the bottom of the art piece,

gently place it through the hole on the top left side of the panel, then it will slide all the way back to the bottom where it starts.

3) Why did you decide to include this interactive element on The Nate’s art piece? 

The whole movement could mean a friendly and intimate interaction; what a co-living space should bring to the guests. When the pinball slides through passing by the 3D figures from top to the bottom, then for the next guest to do the same, somehow just like an infinite human connection, the pinball also represents Nathan Road which once called Golden Mile in those post World War II years (1939 – 1945).

4) Would a place like The Nate, a serviced studio development with communal spaces be something you would consider for yourself? 

Yes for sure.

5) Where can we find more of your art works in Hong Kong? 

My work has been exhibited in Tai Kwun (name piece). I also worked on art projects in the Venetian Macau. I’m currently working on several paintings with the New Zealand-born and Hong Kong-based artist David Boyce. I hopefully will exhibit more of my work soon.

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