new office at The Nate
New exclusive office spaces

Our new office spaces on 7/F and 9/F are now ready to use. The office spaces are open 24/7.

5 signs that it’s time to move out

Have you ever considered moving out of your parent’s house? Luckily, there are a lot of choices for housing accommodation for you to choose from, and it’s a good idea to check out the studios for rent in Hong Kong.

The Nate Neighborhood
8 ways to save money while living alone in Hong Kong

It’s not cheap to live in Hong Kong! The biggest part of the cost comes from the monthly rent, on top of the rent, you still need to pay for trivial bills for daily living.

Negawatt x The Nate
Negawatt Anti-Covid Manager installation

At The Nate, our residents’ health has always the top priority for us especially during COVID-19, which has been and continues to be challenging for all of us.

Pod workstation by Steelcase

Pod Workstation by Steelcase offers near-instant gratification for The Nate residents.

Spotlight on Persone Studio

Massimiliano is an urban designer and, as he defines himself, “an observer of cities and people”. His design is based on people and their interaction with space.

The Nate SSID certificate
Circular Economy Certification

The Nate is happy to receive the Circular Economy Certification. This certificate is giving to the company that contribute paper recycle and recycled product buying back in 2020.

Bali Town at The Nate 3/F

Bali Town at The Nate 3/F retail podium was started in year 1975, and serves authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Grandmama Cafe at The Nate 1/F

Grandmama Cafe is part Japanese style grocery store, part cafe and part music performance space which located on The Nate Shops 1/F.

Soap-making workshop
DIY soap at The Nate

In this workshop, our residents had a chance to make their own natural soap using natural ingredients including olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil together with fragrance.