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Behind-the-Scenes: Jason Kwok, The Nate Property Manager

Jason is our Property Manager at The Nate. He took a moment to tell us about his story. Read and learn more about Jason!

Jason Kwok, property manager at The Nate

Jason is our Property Manager at The Nate. He took a moment to tell us about his story. Read and learn more about Jason!

1) How long have you been working at The Nate?

Around a year, I’ve been working at The Nate since last November. 

2) Describe your typical work week.

As the property manager, I have a lot of different duties, tasks and responsibilities. For example, I need to handle guest requests, internal team briefing & training sessions, following up with enquiries and complaints. Also, there are administrative reports we have to consolidate and finish, in order to make sure The Nate operates smoothly every day!  The Nate also organises events for their guests and so my team will work to organise that.  

3) How do you define the Nate community?

Our residents come from all walks of life and various cultural backgrounds.  They are all pretty fun and like the community aspect to it.   

4) How do you feel working at The Nate? 

Challenging yet rewarding!   Whether it’s tenants, residents, maintenance technicians… there is always somebody trying to get a hold of me hahaha 😀 I am very proud to say that we have a self-motivating team, it may sound cliché, but teamwork really does make the dream work. Not to mention, the good work-life balance is something I am very grateful for!

5) If you are staying at The Nate, which studio you would pick?

For sure, I will pick Studio 9 which has good design, spaces for storage, comfortable and nice view! Especially I like the big windows which allows daylight to come into the room.

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