Clean recycling promotion booth
Food for Good has organized a Clean Recycling Promotion Booth for our Nate residents. Date: 4 Nov 2022 Time: 14:00-18:00 Venue: The Nate communal area
Coffee Ground Soap Workshop at The Nate
Coffee Ground Soap Workshop
Come and join us for the coffee ground soap workshop hosted by Food for Good! Date: 8 October 2022 (Saturday) Time: 14:00 - 18:00
Negawatt x The Nate
We are very happy to have Negawatt as our Nate partner. They have introduced us the Care222® series, a line of filtered 222nm Far UV-C excimer lamp modules for microbial reduction applications which is developed by Ushio and Columbia University. It is SGS proven to inactive COVID-19 virus particles.
Aroma workshop
Aroma Stone Workshop

Please feel free to join the aroma stone workshop which hosted by Food for Good!

Foog for Good online introductory session
Food for Good x The Nate
Working with Food for Good, they are committed to promote and facilitate food waste reduction in Hong Kong through redistribution of surplus food and recycling of food waste. Upcoming Food for Good will host an Online Introductory Session + Fruit Wine Workshop for our Nate residents, please find the details below: Date: 23 Apr 2022 (Sat) [...]
Chinese New Year
Happy Chinese New Year
We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of Tiger! The Nate will be providing the Chinese puddings and sweets for our tenants to share! Date: 1 Feb Time: 6-9pm Venue: 12/F communal area
Pet friendly at The Nate
Pet friendly at The Nate
We realize that finding somewhere to live with your pets can be tough.  So, after careful consideration, we have taken the step at The Nate to welcome some of our furry friends into our community. Below are some more terms & conditions: We can only accept pets that are 12KG and under. Pets are not allowed to [...]
reduce waste
5 ways to reduce waste
Sustainability has always been a key component at The Nate serviced studios. Here are 5 ways you can reduce waste in your daily life!  1. Use reusable water bottle Bring your own water bottle to save money and reduce waste.  2. Use grocery bags  Save $50 cents while reducing your usage of one-time-use plastic bags.  [...]
Christmas Dinner at The Nate
Christmas Dinner at The Nate
In order to thank all of our residents, we provided Turkey, wine & dessert on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas all.
8To8 barbershop
Our Nate residents can enjoy $100 off for $380 hair cut service at 8To8 barbershop! Remember to bring along your Nate key card!