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Create from the heart and soul

We talked with Sam Yau – the winner of Artist in Residency and he shared about his ongoing project during his residency and living experience at The Nate!

  1. How did you get to know about The Nate artist in residency program?

Well, I first saw the posters near the MTR station and they caught my eyes, so I started to google and learn more about the program.


  1. What made you apply for the program? 

Right before I get to know about The Nate’s artist in residency program, I am actually also seeking a working space/residency program in other countries. That’s why I would say The Nate’s poster popped up at a good time! 


  1. What do you want to do or achieve during your residency at The Nate?

It’s a brand new experience for me to live in a serviced apartment in Hong Kong, I am very curious about everything that happens here. I like to observe things around me. Since the residency gave me a working space, it is a chance for me to get inspired and make use of the space and create an installation to express my mind.


  1. What does your work aim to say?

To be honest, I’m not a talkative person, I usually use my work as a media to express myself and the issue or topic which I care about. I like to create and build the work using my own hands, which can help me think deep and clear, it’s also an inner healing process and exploration result for me to share with others. 


  1. How do you feel about the opportunity to be creative in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong people are actually very creative, however, the city is relatively focused on commercial elements and the pace is really rush and fast, so it’s quite hard to keep solely on creativity, many elements would somehow end up relating to commercial interests or concern. 


  1. Do you think there are many platforms where artists can express themselves in the city?

There are some platforms in the city indeed but obviously it’s hard to say there are many in Hong Kong. I do believe people cherish every opportunity which they can have. Some of them would go to do some street art or busking as low budget. And thanks for the internet and globalization. It is easier for people to express themselves on the Internet. Also, they can seek the opportunity worldwide, not only in Hong Kong.


  1. Tell us about your stay at The Nate.

The Nate is a beautiful and cozy place with very kind and friendly staff. The open kitchen is really good for making a delicious meal, meanwhile, you can make some new friends which come from all walks of life and background. Personally I like the sustainability and eco-friendly concept here, for example, there is a water fountain on every floor and all residents would use the water bottle instead of plastic bottles. Also, I like the scent machine, it created a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the whole building. In terms of the studio’s design, it really surprised me how the designer try to make full use of the limited space. Overall, I would say it’s so cool to stay at The Nate, living here gives me a lot of inspiration. I am truly thankful that I can have this opportunity! 

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