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8 ways to save money while living alone in Hong Kong

It’s not cheap to live in Hong Kong! The biggest part of the cost comes from the monthly rent, on top of the rent, you still need to pay for trivial bills for daily living.

The Nate Neighborhood

It’s not cheap to live in Hong Kong! The biggest part of the cost comes from the rent of the apartments in Hong Kong, on top of the rental payment, you still need to pay trivial bills for daily living. If you have already figured out where to stay in Hong Kong, we have some recommendations for you: 


#1 Take “Ding ding” 

If you are on Hong Kong Island, take “ding ding” to travel around especially during peak hours. It is relatively slower but you can save up your transportation fare compared with MTR or calling an Uber! 


#2 Buy MTR city saver  

With the MTR city saver, it is valid for 40 single journeys within 40 days and is designed for frequent medium to long-distance cross-harbour commuters looking for even more ways to save money. Buy an MTR City Saver and enjoy a $50 discount at the promotional price of $385 from 1 July 2021 to 1 January 2022, the average fare is just $8.1* per trip. Especially if you need to go across the harbour frequently. 


#3 Use MTR Fare Saver 

Use MTR Fare Saver when you happen to pass by these addresses to get a $2 discount on your MTR ride.


#4 Buy cheap food 

It is always cheaper to buy fresh meat, vegetables, and fruits in the wet market than supermarket chains. Just remember to bring along your eco-friendly shopping bag with you! 



Bring your lunch box to work. Not only saves time queuing during the rush lunch hours but it is also cheaper and healthier. Make sure the apartment for rent in Hong Kong provides a kitchen, so you can prepare your own meal.


#6 Work out at home

Remember that all you need is determination! Not a personal trainer! You don’t have to go to a gym to get the perfect body!


#7 Local eats

Eat local treats at small restaurants at markets or cha chaan teng instead of those in malls that offer the same menu.


#8 Turn off the A/C

Remember to check if you turn off the Air Conditioner when you are out of your studio. Keep up the good habit!  

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