Magic Clean's staff is cleaning the kitchen at The Nate
Magic Clean at The Nate

We interviewed our cleaning company Magic Clean this month and they share more about the insights of the cleaning industry in Hong Kong with us!    

Shawn from Motherhouse
Shawn from Motherhouse

Shawn from Japan came to Hong Kong to work for the brand named Motherhouse. He shared his experience at The Nate and his views on the leather goods!

bloomed exhibition by Ophelia
Bloomed Art Exhibition

Ophelia is known for creating an unbelievable dialogue between the creation and the spectator in an interactive way.

iDiscover City Challenge 2019
iDiscover City Challenge

To discover the soul of the city, find hidden gems and true treasures and support heritage preservation in Hong Kong.

Interview with Ophelia, Founder and illustrator of MERAKILYA
Interview with Ophelia, Founder and illustrator of MERAKILYA

This week we talked with Ophelia, the founder and illustrator of MERAKILYA in Hong Kong. Get to know more about MERAKILYA here!

Gauthier was pouring wine at the event
La Bon Vin

Guided by Gauthier, he took Nate residents on a journey showcasing the elegance, fineness and complexity of Bordeaux & Burgundy wine.

Gelato-go opened its first ever shop on the ground floor at The Nate in 2019.
Gelato-go first ever shop in Hong Kong

Gelato-go opened their first-ever shop on the ground floor at The Nate in Hong Kong. They make their own Gelato base daily with fresh ingredients.

Love,Bonito exclusive offer to Nate residents
Love, Bonito!

We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Love, Bonito, Asia’s leading women’s fashion brand. Proudly born & bred in Singapore Love, Bonito offers fantastic clothes for the modern women for at home, work and play.

The Nest coffee shop
The Nest Coffee is way more than a cup!

The Nesbitt Centre has been empowering individuals with disabilities to live independently, to care and advocate for themselves with the least amount of support.

Backpacks from Motherhouse
Motherhouse Hong Kong

Motherhouse’s products are unique, surprising, and heartwarming, and designed to be your lifelong partner. Visit Motherhouse at K11 Art Mall or Times Square now!