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Interview with Ophelia, Founder and illustrator of MERAKILYA

This week we talked with Ophelia, the founder and illustrator of MERAKILYA in Hong Kong. Get to know more about MERAKILYA here!

1) Tell us briefly how and why you started MERAKILYA?

It is a Hong Kong-based illustration agency. At MERAKILYA, we are illustration curators. We create and develop illustrations for social media content, textile designs, mural paintings, and more. We also offer live painting during events to entertain the audiences.

“Meraki” comes from the Greek name which means that we put a little of our soul in each and every project that we do. Being close to our clients is very important to us in order to project their vision and achieve their wishes. 


2) What does your artwork aim to say?

All of our projects are quite different and but it always starts with the clients creative brief. Illustrations can simply make people smile if it is printed on a card. It can create an unforgettable interior design vibe when it is painted on a mural or memorable moment when it comes to illustrating portraits of guests during an event. Making people happy, places become unforgettable and event memorable is what we aim for. 


3) Please tell us a little bit more about The Nate’s bathrobe. What was your inspiration?

For The Nate Bathrobe design, we visited The Nate and took inspiration from their interior design. The Nate is located nearby Kowloon park. That’s why the Flamingos on the robe is green embroideries. The idea was to create a unisex bathrobe, therefore, it is a minimalist design mainly white with flamingos in the front and back that are partially hidden by the sleeves or the belt. 


4) Where do you usually hang out with friends in Hong Kong? Why is it your favourite place?

When the Sun is out, I like to go to the beach or in parks and use my skates.  


5) If you could design a piece of artwork for The Nate, what would it be?

When I visited The Nate, I was obsessed with all the interior design details in the rooms and corridors. If I had to design an artwork I would like to make it colourful and use some similar material that you can find in the rooms such as the gold details, prink tales and else. 

Maybe it could be a flamingo collage made of these materials.

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