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Shawn from Motherhouse

Shawn from Japan came to Hong Kong to work for the brand named Motherhouse. He shared his experience at The Nate and his views on the leather goods!

1. What brought you to Hong Kong?

Work. I’m working here as a director of Motherhouse Hong Kong.


2. Can you tell us more about Motherhouse?

We are Japanese Brand and we are trying to bring out the potential of developing countries through“monozukuri” or manufacturing the high-quality products such as leather bags or Jewellery from developing countries with local craft-man, using the local material.

Our philosophy is to “Create a world-wide brand from developing countries “So we have our own factory such as in Bangladesh and we sell our products in our own stores in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. We have our store in K11 and Times Square so please visit us any time. We believe that our business can contribute to a world full of smiles and warmth.


3. Where do you usually hang out in Hong Kong?

Soho. Peel Street is the best area in Hong Kong so far for me. For beer, 99 bottles or 65 peel, for wines and cocktails, Shady Acres, for whiskey, Whiskey and Words. I usually hang out in these four bars.


4. What is your favourite food/drink in Hong Kong?

My favourite drink is craft beer from Carbon Brews. Once I had really tasty Dark Saison Beer called “Shadows in the Mind” from them but I cannot really find them any more.
Please let me know if you know where to find one.


5. Can you share with us a quick guide to identify good quality leather product?

Usually lining and stitching quality is the easiest way to find out the quality of leather products.


6. Tell us more about your stay at The Nate!

So far, The Nate is really a suitable place for a newcomer to Hong Kong like me.

There are lots of newcomers as well and they are willing to meet new people so there is family-like community.

Together with nicely designed room, I truly feel relaxed in this apartment.

I personally love cooking so I also enjoy cooking facility in this apartment.

I have never compared with others but I should say this is one of the best-serviced apartments in Hong Kong for me.

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