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5 Questions to ask before renting an apartment

Before you rent a serviced apartment – we’ve compiled a checklist that you need to go through. Here is a list of questions you should ask before you make the decision!

Balcony studios has around 198 to 267 square feet.

Ranked as one of the cities with the highest cost of living, the rental price in Hong Kong housing market is no doubt growing relatively steady and strong at all times. However, we can see there is a great demand among local young professionals who are moving out of their family homes and starting to live on their own. There isn’t a better and more hassle-free accommodation option than furnished service apartments in Hong Kong.

Before you rent a serviced apartment – we’ve compiled a checklist that you need to go through. Here is a list of questions you should ask before you make the decision! 


#1 Is the monthly rent all-inclusive? Are there any hidden costs?

If you’re looking for furnished apartments to rent, please make sure you check for information regarding this concern and clarify the details with the leasing team. You wouldn’t want to discover that there are additional hidden costs on top of your rental. 

The good thing about paying an all-inclusive rental is that you can have trivial bills included, for example, water bill, electricity, wifi connection, or even laundry services, so you can devote your entire focus to your work and studies.


#2 What is the lease term?

You have to fully understand the lease term – whether it is a fixed lease which could last up to a year or a flexible lease which you can rent on a monthly basis. Once you fulfil the minimum rental period, you’re free to leave or extend your stay upon your request! Just give the leasing team a heads up when you plan to leave so they’ll know how to settle the payment.


#3 How is the neighbourhood? 

We recommend you to walk around and take a look at the neighbourhood the service apartment is in. Don’t forget to check if it is near the MTR station or bus station. Commute time is an important element to take into consideration as well! 


#4 How often are housekeeping services provided?

If you don’t want to spend all your free time doing chores but still want everything to be spotless, it’s better for you to choose a service apartment in Hong Kong which provides professional and quality housekeeping services. Don’t forget to ask about the details regarding their cleaning services too! For instance, does it include regular linen change?  


#5 Any community events?

If you are an expat or new to the city, we know you could probably be quite lonely at first. If the service apartment you are staying in would host regular community events for residents, you might consider this an extra benefit. During one of the events, you can definitely meet your neighbours easily and hang out with them!  

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